I thought I would post a list of things I have learned that might help others learn from my mistakes. I will add to it as time goes by.

  • Read your manual. If it’s too complicated, see if someone has written a book on your camera. I found “Nikon D3200/D3200x Digital Field Guide” by David D. Busch on Amazon and it’s been much more helpful than the manual.
  • Try to have your camera with you all the time – you never know what you will see.
  • Keep the rule of thirds in mind when you’re setting up your shot. It will give you a perspective that you can change if you want – play with it, have fun!
  • Carry a lens cleaning cloth with you.
  • Purchase back-up batteriesĀ and carry them with you. There’s nothing worse than seeing a great shot and find that your battery is dead. I speak from experience.
  • Purchase an extra media card, or whatever file storage you need, and keep that with you. I ran out of room once and a card broke once.
  • Remember to format your media card after a specific number of uses – I format my SD card every time I transfer the pictures to my hard drive.
  • It’s not a good idea to fill your media card up – try to stop when you are down to 1-2 MB.
  • If you are going to be shooting outdoors don’t forget water… and BUG SPRAY!